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Hello and welcome to the LiveJournal Daily Om Community.

shadows_wolf06 was inspired to found this community in honor of the Daily Om.com website after having benefited from the daily e-mails for several years. Each day will focus on a new topic, as posted on the official website, and discussion may follow as the members feel inspired.

There are only a few rules to follow at the moment:

1.) No swearing. This community is open to members of all ages, so please act accordingly.

2.) No trolling. This community is open to members of all spiritual paths, and as such there will be a bit of diversity amongst the members here. Respect another's path even if you yourself may not agree with it.

3.) Discussion is fine, as is debate. Arguments and flaming wars, however, will not be tolerated.

4.) Only the moderators have posting access. No exceptions.

5.) This community was founded and is owned by shadows_wolf06. She maintains the right to amend the community rules as she sees fit. She also reserves the right to ban, kick, or suspend any members that are caught breaking the community rules.

6.) New rules may be added as needed.